BUBBLE WRAP QUILTS: A series of quilts inspired by packing material, particularly moving blankets and bubble wrap. Made using digitally printed silk.

This piece is part of my Diploma Project Series where I am exploring spaces and objects within the realm of the temporary, the transitory and the in-between. I am investigating a sense of belonging in this globalized world. The type of displacement I am addressing has less to do with homelessness and forced migration, but rather stems from my own multicultural, expat background. Iā€™m creating objects informed by these temporary spaces of passage and the materials that occupy these spaces, exploring their personal narratives. I ultimately wish to extract a sense of comfort and stability within these seemingly sterile environments.

Bubble wrap quilt 1.jpg
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_AAA1564 Anya Gupta BFA 2019 FD 2590.jpg
_AAA1562 Anya Gupta BFA 2019 FD 2590.jpg