LOVE SEAT: Inspired by airport benches, this love seat offers a space for two individuals to sit in very close proximity. Users can only sit on the perforated metal prongs. While they can feel and curl up to the upholstered surfaces, they are unable to truly sit on them. It consists of 10 perforated metal prongs attached to a wooden frame, upholstered using a silk quilt .

This piece is part of my Diploma Project Series where I am exploring spaces and objects within the realm of the temporary, the transitory and the in-between. I am investigating a sense of belonging in this globalized world. The type of displacement I am addressing has less to do with homelessness and forced migration, but rather stems from my own multicultural, expat background. Iā€™m creating objects informed by these temporary spaces of passage and the materials that occupy these spaces, exploring their personal narratives. I ultimately wish to extract a sense of comfort and stability within these seemingly sterile environments.

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