PERCH: This piece attempts to create a space providing a very comfortable five minutes. This perch is intended for short interval resting. Intended to be placed in one’s home, this perch creates a space for people to lean up against when waiting to leave the house, putting on shoes etc. Mild steel tubes with power-coated finish. stuffed with layers of felt and leather.

This piece is part of my Diploma Project Series where I am exploring spaces and objects within the realm of the temporary, the transitory and the in-between. I am investigating a sense of belonging in this globalized world. The type of displacement I am addressing has less to do with homelessness and forced migration, but rather stems from my own multicultural, expat background. I’m creating objects informed by these temporary spaces of passage and the materials that occupy these spaces, exploring their personal narratives. I ultimately wish to extract a sense of comfort and stability within these seemingly sterile environments.

_AAA9901 Anya Gupta BFA 2019 FURN 2580.jpg
_AAA9898 Anya Gupta BFA 2019 FURN 2580.jpg
_AAA9900 Anya Gupta BFA 2019 FURN 2580.jpg

Model: Myles Lefebvre , Photography: Julian Borges